Tuesday, December 22, 2009


This may wind up as one of my bands' album art. I hope it does. I hope it does because it was bloody time-consuming.

Acrylic on canvas with a mild amount of digi.


We are just meat. We evolved a superior organ which makes us aware of our surroundings and ourselves in a way that no other species is. But we are not special; we are just strings of information encoded into proteins hellbent on propagating. No different than an amoeba, a grizzly, a carrot. That organ has no mystical metaphysical properties. When it ceases to function, it rots, just like a raw pork chop on a counter. No mystical tunnel of light. No eternity in paradise (or conversely, eternity of torment). This is all there is. This is all we ever had; this is all we will ever have.

When one comes to terms with this bleak yet beautiful truth, every moment of the brief lives we are lucky enough to have been allotted means all the more. Every experience is more precious, more vivid, every sensation intoxicating.

Don't waste a single second of the time we spend as thinking pile of carbon, before we return to inanimate pile of carbon.

And definitely don't waste it fooling yourself into wishful thinking about what's awaiting you when you do.

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